*Attic studio to let*

Claremont Studios is an association of ten artists formed in June 2004. The objects of the group are to create a supportive working environment for artist and to encourage professional development, critical debate and collaboration.

The aim is to ensure that commercial, community and creative groups who use the building will interact, inspire each other and create a mutually supportive network which can develop beyond the confines of the building and have a lasting impact on the quality of arts activity in Hastings.


We have two types of space available for artists.

Studio 1 *space available*

Individual partitioned spaces in large shared studio

Between £125-155 per month

Suit fine artists, painters, makers etc.

Studio 2

Large desk spaces in shared illustration studio.

£120 per month

Suit illustrators, filmmakers, graphic artists etc.

We currently have a vacancy in studio 1.

Please contact us if you would like to be put on our waiting list.

Information and Hire

The old YMCA Reading Room at 12 Claremont in the centre of Hastings is available for meetings, evening classes, training sessions etc. The room is 8m x 5m and can accommodate approximately 40 people seated theatre style. Seating, tables and hot drinks facilities can be provided on request.

For Seminars and short sessions:

Rates for artists and community groups are £10.00 per hour.

Rates for businesses are £12.00 per hour.

For Exhibitions:

Rates are £50 per week for artists and £75 for businesses.

Pine Gallery

The Pine Gallery is a large exhibition space that occupies the entire basement area of the building.

Exhibitions are held regularly throughout the year by Claremont Studios and other artists.

To hire this space please contact us.

For information on current and past events please visit the Claremont Studios website.

Where artists find their inspiration

It is not easy at all, for artists to come up with new ideas and to find solutions for them, that is hard work and sometimes impossible to be done considering the place they are living at. But since every person has their own way of living, and so do artists, it is impossible to generalize the needs and to say: there must me a space this big and in that part of the city, with this weather and things like that. But there are certain places around the world that can give the artists some basic needments. Those would be the possibility to build up ideas, get creative and inspired.

One of those places is 12 Claremont in Hastings, where the interior and exterior become one, where artists meet other ones to share ideas, thoughts and where they create their artworks. The biggest advantage of this building for artists is that there live only artists, writers and painters who don't create any noise and want silence, in order to concentrate. They also talk to each other and maybe bring ideas and inspiration to others. The energy of the place is something that can't be found everywhere and the atmosphere is also inspiring.

Scotland has something artistic to it, the way people live, the nature and sea and the weather give a certain atmosphere of expectation but also calmness. There are not that much cities there and certainly not big ones, but there are many villages where artists and especially writers can go, rent a house and wait to get inspired. It is the best to leave Live Sex Cams and http://www.camplace.com and become one with the nature. But there is also one city there that used as a living place for many writers and artists, that inspired them, its name is Edinburgh. This old city has quite a few hotels and buildings for artists, to stay at and continue or start creating art. They even have a Writer's Museum, where you can see and learn new things about your colleagues.

The world is big

One of the best cities for writers in the whole world is St Petersburg in Russia. It has something to it, that will get you inspired and drive your creativity, but you won't be the first one to get that from Petersburg, because there are quite a few writers who lived and wrote there. The street names will sound familiar, because they were mentioned in many Russian and literature classics, like Gogol's, Dostoevsky's and Turgenev's novels.

In case you don't get inspired or feel like at home in places with a weather and climate like Edinburgh, Hastings and St Petersburg have, than there is one city that can give you the total opposite of that, but still make you inspired and ready to create. The city is called Buenos Aires and has many things to offer that others don't. The main reason for writers to come here is the climate and price, it is much cheaper than other cities and there is a Cafe on every corner. Many famous writers have created here, like Jorge Luis Borges, and got inspired by the people, way of living and nature.